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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Where Can You Find the Best Online Role Playing Games Free?

Many people who love to play computer games prefer to play role playing games. Role playing games (RPG) are games where a person can play as characters. You are able to have the capabilities of the character while playing the game. These have various plots and have evolved into areas of practice for real world situations. Although RPGs are popular, some beginners to this world may not know which are the most popular and where to find them. In this article i will help you with both. I will name a couple well know games and let you know where you can find them for free.

The first RPG I would like to mention is called Wandering Willows. On Wandering Willows your objective is to collect and train pets. You will begin an amazing journey to find new friends, solve perplexing problems, and explore a vast landscape. Work together with your pet to pick fruit, dig for items such as dye, grow vegetables and flowers and collect recipes and clothing patterns to add to your inventory, then make garments, cook/bake items or make flower bouquets for your acquaintances and friends. It will prove to be both relaxing and incredibly entertaining.

The next one on my list is Jessica's Cupcake Cafe online. Here you will design your own cupcakes and serve cupcakes in seven locations. This is a good kid friendly game you can play with the entire family. The graphics are colorful and fun, the game is fast-paced but not difficult. This is a good way to past time and keeps your mind occupied if you want something fun to do.

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