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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Psychology of Multi Media Online Role Playing Games

A character in a MMORPG is a reflection of how players see or intend to see themselves.

Most Massively Multi-Player Online Role Playing Games or MMORPG provide the players with an option on what character to play. This involves choosing their abilities and their looks. The player may want to become a healer that helps other players stay alive while they fight. Other become long range fighter through their bow and arrow or guns. Others find hand to hand combat more exciting.

This is already tells you a part of how they want to see themselves especially if the game they are playing allows them form teams and communities. Leaders will naturally gravitate towards setting the goals of the team, setting a common time so that teams can play together, and even dictate which teams they will fight.

It is also not a strange thing to encounter female players posing as male figures and kids becoming the most powerful character. A game may also be a place where they live out their frustrations. It is empowering for a lot of women to play a male character and "experience" the privileges that come with it. Express their aggression online instead of doing it in the real world.

It is also an license to do what they want without suffering the consequences. In the game, they can kill as many opponents as they want, curse, laugh, love and not have to live with the results of what they did. They can be careless and irresponsible and the only thing that will suffer is their character. There is a way around it, just restart the character. The only thing that is lost is the time they invested in their old character but at least they get a new start. That is something you can't do in real life.

MMORPG, in other words is a chance for players to live life a second time.

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